Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Projects

One reason we've been lagging is that there just simply isn't a lot going on. We're playing 4e and the group takes roughly 4 hours for a properly leveled encounter. Partially because we have 6 PCs (Soon 7 I think), partially because we get distracted and partially because some people take forever.

What this means is so far we've been fairly combat heavy as we have to devote the majority of the session to combat just to hope to get a single combat done. It also means that since we're level 4 in a campaign that's planned to go until level 30, that the plot elements thus far have been few and far between. That makes it harder for the players to piece them together.
Of course when there isn't a pattern yet, it's hard to recognize the patterns forming. They have to start repeating before that can happen.
So no posts because there isn't really much to post about.
Another reason is I get busy with projects. I plan on making this blog a more important project again. I especially mean to post more about the encounters I run and more stories like the ones I've posted so far. The other projects I'm working on are going to be announced as soon as we have something to announce. In the mean time, keep holding on. I'm really excited about all the projects I'm working on right now.
One project may just involve some Savage Worlds content.
One definitely involves starting a new local non-profit that will help the community.
Another involves a person even more busy with crap than I am, so it's on the back burner until I can teach myself to do more to work on it in the mean time.

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