Saturday, November 26, 2011


This week I've instituted bribery for getting my players to post here.

Also, along the theme of temptation I have again attempted to bring the players into the dark side.

Talon was instructed to go to a set of coordinates in a Lambda-Class shuttle. He gathered the crew and they flew there, only to be met by an Imperial-Class ship. They then found out that the person giving him the coordinates was Starkiller himself. He pressed the group to join him and his Shadow Academy in "service" to the Empire. After giving up information on the Mandalorian attack on the Executor, Starkiller made his case. The group resisted and were given a selection of parting gifts to help tempt their resolve.

After returning, Kal was met with a familiar face, an old flame he recruited to aid the rebellion.
The group finalized their choices of star ships to fly against the Death Star and any other flight actions in the near future.

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