Monday, June 18, 2012

D&D 5 Edition Playtest

We are currently taking a break from Starwars to try out a few other games.  Those of you who have enjoyed Talon's Journal Entries, fear not!  We will resume that campaign sooner or later.  The week before last we play tested Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.  The game takes the group into a typical dungeon dive full of creatures, traps and treasure.  From what I gathered by playing this new system is that it combines the best elements from all of the previous systems and is quite awesome.  I played as a pre-gen High Elf Wizard at level 1.  Things have changed quite a bit since 3.5, no longer to I have to fear death after 1/2 of a hit to my character or count myself out of spell casting after 2 magic missile spells!  No!  MM has been moved the cantrips list and can be cast at will without any preparation!  But enough of that, here is an excerpt of our adventure.

Tom - Dwarven Fighter
James - Halfling Rogue
Jason - Human Cleric-Healer type (ha ha)
Manda - Dwarven Cleric-Smiter
Myself - High Elf Wizard

Our party starts the journey traveling through a dark forest to the Caves of Chaos.  At the cave mouth we stop and contemplate our next move only to be ambushed by eight Kobolds.  We dispatch the group and head into their lair.  Our group is smart and decides to have our dexterous and cunning rogue take point since his senses can pick out any traps before we trip them.

About five seconds after entering the cave our rogue falls into a pit trap and a heavy lid traps him.  The local residents are alerted and on one side there's six kobolds and on the other a large swarm of rats.  I cast sleep on the kobolds, my spell only affects three of them.  They move up along with the rat pack which is led by a Dire Rat.  The Dire Rat takes me down in one vicious attack.  In the meantime our Rogue manages to escape the pit trap.  The group takes down the kobolds but the rats pose a serious problem and everyone but the rogue and fighter are still up.  They pull us out of the cave so we can rest and heal up.

The next day we tempt fate and try the kobold lair once more.  Six fresh guards are at the cave mouth, which we slay with ease this time.  We enter with the same marching order as last time, our rogue ready for the pit trap, which he manages to avoid.  However, he misses the newly placed trip line which triggers a new addition to the trap.  A large toy mallet hits him in his ass, knocking him back into the pit with the lid once again shut!

Alerted to our presence a group consisting of six kobolds rush out along with the same rat pack.  I move up and cast burning hands, obliterating the rats.  The kobolds move in and manage to get an attack in before we murder them.

Exploration of their lair continues.  The first room we find consists of rotten food stuffs and other unidentifiable/once upon a time consumables.  The next room is nothing but a garbage dump so we move on.  The third room has a larger group of kobolds guarding it, including one in scale mail.  This fight is a little tougher but we manage to pull through and slay the kobold chieftain.  In the room they were guarding we unlock a chest contain a bunch of electrum (dead currency), copper and a necklace which the rogue swipes.

That ends the session.

All in all I really enjoyed play testing the demo version of 5th edition.  It still retained the traditional Dungeons and Dragons feel while keeping the party going (no more cast and wait a day crap).  I definitely can't wait to try the completed version.

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