Saturday, October 29, 2011

When are we?

So this week we managed to finish the party up, successfully even.
Mostly because the Mandolorian chatted up the hostess and did some "convincing" of why she should help the fledgeling rebellion.
Then the crew bought up some explosives and rigged an escape pod. Flying to an imperial base to launch it they ignored the TIE Prototypes attacking them trying to rush over to drop the ordinance and leave. Fortunately they succeeded. Unfortunately the TIEs almost killed them and followed them to their destination. At this point due to massive damage to the Quartermaster and two undamaged TIE Prototypes attacking them, they fled again, this time hitting a few bumps on the way. They barely skimmed a black hole and ended up shooting through a dense star cluster which over loaded their hyper drive taking them to Alderaan.
A slight problem arose when the planet was gone, they were unable to reach a contact either locally or in hutt space. However a ship known as the Midnight Star happened to be in the area and pulled all surviving crew out of the now destroyed Quartermaster (although the docked Sith Interceptor survives). They hid their ships in a near by asteroid field. Now their new contact inside the Rebel Alliance is taking them to safety.
The rest remains to be seen next Friday.

We should be getting a post on Monday and on Wednesday from my two co-authors. Monday from Black Iniquity (playing the Jedi/Sith) and Wednesday from the Mandalorian. I will be aiming for a pregame post on Friday and a post game on Saturday (as you see here) or possibly just a single post on Friday or Saturday (depending on how much I'll have to say).

Saturday, October 22, 2011

2011/10/28 Game Preview

So last post I set up where we currently are. I'll let my players/co-authors fill in the details. Hopefully we'll see some posts soon or at least before the next weeks game that I'm previewing. We'll see about setting up a posting schedule so we have at least a fairly regular update going.
This post will hopefully show you where the players are heading into their next bit of trouble.

The stage is set in a space station orbiting the toxic planet of Aduba-2. The mission is to convince a wealthy noblewoman to join the cause they are working for (sort of a proto-rebellion). The players are at a party to celebrate her "retirement" from the shipping industry. Their motivation: a bill for 15,000 credits for failure to complete the terms of a contract (twice).

Friday, October 21, 2011


This blog is dedicated to the misadventures of our gaming crew.
Currently we're playing an open world Star Wars Saga RPG.

Talon a level 4 Jedi/Future Sith
Delora a level 2 Jedi
Kal Ordo a level 2 Soldier/2 Scout with Mandalorian backdrop
Jang Sabrick a level 1 scout
Unknown Kal Dor Jedi

Two surviving original members (the Mando and the Jedi).

They first fell in with the Imperials, doing work for them in the Navy, flying ships (including the new TIE Prototype).
After faking their deaths and several entanglements with the Imperials, they are working for the proto-rebellion.

I am the Game Master, the other posters are two of the pawns in my galactic game. Enjoy.