Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wreck Age Results

First off my initial reaction to this is it's a miniatures game with an RPG tacked on. I see nothing of a skill system in the introduction and combat is fast and deadly (like moose meat and Swedish women). I have been told there will be skills and more in the actual rules.
I had to do a bit of prep work, running this on the fly would not be a good idea since they leave a lot of stuff up to the GM (not a bad thing). They also have a lot of options for the players to do different things, which is a pleasant change of pace.
We ran the first part with only 3 people, I should have cut one of the brothers out, but it really wouldn't have mattered due to how it played out. They left one player sleeping and shot first. A shotgun to the face cramped his style quickly leaving them with only 2 players to battle 3 or 4 people. I quickly realized how important modifiers are and how deadly combat can be; Rather not deadly, dangerous. I say that because recovery is possible at the end of combat if you're merely scrapped up or wounded. 
Being wounded is a good hampering method. Spreading damage around can make a tough opponent a lot easier. Modifiers are insanely important to combat. A character wearing light armor gets a -1 to damage rolls against him (5+) and an injured opponent has a -1 to hit him (again, 5+), which the character can soak (4+). Normally your odds of hitting and injuring with one die power and one die fighting are 12.5% whereas if you injure the character they're at a 5% chance to wound. Of course with a Fighting of 3 and a Power of 2, a mountain screamer has better odds than that. 
So the system is pretty great so far. I think the introduction leaves quite a bit on the table in terms of what they'll offer in the actual book. I really like the setting and can't wait to see some more. 
We're only half way, so I'll get some more meat and potatoes of the review out next week.


  1. Excellent feedback. I hope to have more settings than adventures with the finished product, doing an 'on rails' experience like this was a little hampering. I am really looking forward to seeing your final review.



  2. I see we have one player journal up of the session. Hopefully we'll have a second up sometime soon too.

  3. Yeah this is all good stuff, and it synchs up more with what I would like to do so I like it even more :)

  4. Glad to support your ideas. I definitely see where you were going, I just want to see MORE of it. Especially in an introduction (although perhaps this is more of a play test) I'd like some of these things pushed on us more. Tomorrow I'm earmarking the afternoon to get ready for our Friday game (the conclusion of Wreck Age and more Star Wars). So I might have more to add then. If I come up with anything awesome in my notes I'll certainly shaire.

  5. Hello Matt, I really appreciate the effort you guys are putting into this game and look forward to not only seeing the final product but helping you get there. I will continue to post my journals, thoughts and considerations to help you guys out. I like your game and setting (especially being an old-school fallout player) and hope we can help you guys bring out it's potential. Thanks!