Monday, April 2, 2012

Nation Red- Contest

Today we're tying something new. This is going to be the first give away contest of hopefully many.

This month we're going to be giving away a copy of Nation Red on Steam. So I bet the question is, how can I win this game?
Well here's how to win the game:
1) Subscribe to the blog. If I select you as a winner, I'll check if you're a subscriber, if you aren't then I choose another person and repeat.
2) Send me an e-mail with the subject "Nation Red Contest" at (closed)
3) In the message write a brief character for use in our Star Wars game. You should include the character name and a brief physical description (just about any Star Wars race is fine- including humans), personality traits and quirks. You should also provide a name for the characters ship.

Here's an example:
Knight Koosh- an Ewok with black fur with red stripes. He is easily bossed around and tends to behave as an isolationist. His ship is named the Drudger.

Darth Cyan- A Zeltron female with pink skin and lime green hair. She is very social and loves to interact with and help people. She likes to think of herself as a backbone to society. She captains the Verde.

Contests ends April 16th. Winner will be randomly selected from all entries and notified by April 30th.
Players in my group are of course ineligible.


  1. Just a clarification. You are not judged on the QUALITY of the entry, all that matters is the entry. The winner is RANDOMLY selected from all entries.


    1. Can't win if you don't follow the simple directions. Without a way to contact you if you've won, there's no way to get your copy of the game to you. So just toss an e-mail to the address in the post with your entry and in a few days we'll see who the winner is.

  3. Taking a bit longer to get everything set but I should be able to e-mail the winner shortly.