Friday, March 9, 2012

Total Paradigm Shift

So my players wrote me a blank check to mess with their heads by going into the future. So far we're just exploring the world without getting to heavy into the plot (yet). I want them to know some of the characters before getting to far involved.

The universe is for the most part empty of everything but debris. Planets destroyed wholesale in the last major war 329 years ago. Almost everyone lives on patchwork space ships, relying on scavenging to get by. Of course there are tons of plot twists still ahead here. 

So far we've met Grand Master Xia, who works for the Sith Prophet as far as we can tell. They're also been aboard a ship with an Ewok Jedi for a short period, before his holocron had him give a ship to the players. Finally we met Darth Fae, who had a combat with Talon before forcing him to yield. Then she proceeded to roflstomp the Mandalorian for mouthing off too much. And again, everything so far is barely a scratch at the surface.


  1. My character don't take no sass. :D

  2. I think 'roflstomp' is a bit of an understatement, Talon is very humored >:)

  3. Well, Darth Fae is just about the only support you guys have, fortunately for you (and James), she's more forgiving than most of the people you'll meet.

  4. I try. Oh, and I assume all of her good traits are based on me. Haha.