Friday, October 21, 2011


This blog is dedicated to the misadventures of our gaming crew.
Currently we're playing an open world Star Wars Saga RPG.

Talon a level 4 Jedi/Future Sith
Delora a level 2 Jedi
Kal Ordo a level 2 Soldier/2 Scout with Mandalorian backdrop
Jang Sabrick a level 1 scout
Unknown Kal Dor Jedi

Two surviving original members (the Mando and the Jedi).

They first fell in with the Imperials, doing work for them in the Navy, flying ships (including the new TIE Prototype).
After faking their deaths and several entanglements with the Imperials, they are working for the proto-rebellion.

I am the Game Master, the other posters are two of the pawns in my galactic game. Enjoy.

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