Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The new project is rolling out with with the ideas. That's good news.
Since this is what I've been working on I figured I'd post some more about what's going on in the gaming life.
I've got a three page document on the setting itself with touches on how to convert it into a video game. I'm really tossing around the idea of Savage Worlds as a system for it and trying to contract out a miniatures system too. Perhaps even for just a board game. 
The idea flowing here from my end is that I'm going to get a setting all hammered out. From there I'm going to write up an actual book. I can bug our other writer to work on some art for the book, but I'm still going to need to get some help with the final layout of the book. 
From there there I'm assembling a crew to make a video game as a sort of side project in the world setting. 
Hopefully this will help fund a full video game project so we can get that done. 

I'm tossing around the idea to run a new blog covering the dev diaries for this project or to keep them here. Obviously I have chosen to keep them here, at least until the project takes off and gets going.

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