Friday, September 7, 2012

New Project

So I'm still not back into the swing of doing things regularly. Unfortunately I'm still really busy with work, real life and a new project.

The exciting news is that I'm going to be leading a crew of student and hobbyists into making a video game. We'll have a kick starter and such later on when we get to that point. In the mean time we're going to be making a Facebook game based on one of the first products I ever planned on marketing. Unfortunately at the time, we had no Facebook or such so it was intended as a large scale game similar to a PBEM (play by e-mail) with small groups reporting in to a larger whole. Of course that's hard to get to work correctly and so it got tabled. Fortunately now it's time to dust it off and get my crew programming the core mechanics and such.
The second big news is that the Facebook game will be used to help fund the launch of a full version game. Right now we're kicking around using Unreal Engine 4 (gasp!) which isn't out yet. Source is an option, but I also hear Source 2 is being worked on. Gamebryo to me doesn't fit the style quite right. Torque Advanced might be worth looking into. I'm not the programmer though, I'm the catalyst, I'm making it happen.
So based on those two pieces of news, I have the final big reveal. That is that I'm going to be penning a RPG based off the game world. Naturally I am working on writing it first to see how it works out. My first draft will likely use the Savage Worlds system to mock up my first draft, since I know it fairly well. I might drop it into a few other systems and such too. I plan on running it as my own game system eventually however (or multiple systems) since I feel that with say, Legend of the Five Rings the game system adds a lot to the actual play of the game. In that case, the unique system feels right for the game. Which means playing it in D20 changes the feel completely.
No clue how long any of this will take. My project lead and I are going to hammer out some timelines for game development, and I'm going to be writing the RPG when I have time.

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