Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wreck-Age Zombies

This portion is set in Haiti, think of it as the basis for Wreck-Age: Haiti (which could also be used in the southern US in French areas). The stories say that a group of Stitchmen migrated to the area, separated from the rest of their people they needed to get the locals to help them. The locals at first were hesitant until the Stitchmen found the help in one Baron Kriminel. The twisted Kriminel taught them the black arts and allowed them to summon forth the dead, much to the dismay of Baron Samedi, Baron Le Croix, and Baron Cimitiere.
This is of course a rough draft. As more parts of the game come out, this will be more refined. This started as based on fact and Haitian Voodoo. 

This is of course but the story. The truth is the Stitchmen managed to harness the secrets a drug tetrodotoxin and Datura stramonium. The tetrodotoxin was harvested from pufferfish, something the Stitchmen had a particular knack for. The Datura came from plants, namely the nightshade family. These two chemicals allowed the Stitchmen to "kill" anyone that opposed them and raise them from their graves. With the Datura they were able to almost completely brainwash their prey.
In day to day life the Stitchmen use their zombies to do most labor for them. Everything from farming to welding. The zombies are organized into castes to train them to do one thing very well. They often carry their tools around even when not working with them. The zombies are kept underfed as much as possible as well as often they are dehydrated to give them the look of death. They are usually fed a slush of nutrients rather than food and told it is a potion. Stitchmen will lie as much as possible to the zombies to keep them confused and in line. Favorites include that the stitchmen enslave the zombies and give them the potions to keep them from going to kill their families.
In combat things are different. The farmer caste zombies are sent in hordes armed with whatever farming tools they have. Shovels, axes and scythes are popular. More skilled zombies may be given real weapons and even guns (this more rarely to avoid uprising). Some zombies are even given chemical cocktails to numb them to pain to make them fight on despite injuries. The zombies are then supported by the much more talented Stitchmen, which are usually well protected and well armed. They often tend to be more elite than the average stitchman from back home. Vehicles are rare, the most common of them in use are transport trucks, busses, and such with a few light recon vehicles or perhaps something heavier for the real stitchmen to protect themselves.
Thanks to these horde of mindless servants willing to fight and die (again) for their masters, the Stitchmen, while few in number in this land are still able to harvest enough food, build anything they want AND have a huge number of test subjects (which also helps further their ruse).

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