Wednesday, December 31, 2014

XCOM: Quantum Entanglement

So here's a big big big XCOM game. 15 people. Nice.

Anyone else catch this XCOM Game. The game master seems pretty serious about it, and the concept is certainly interesting. I can imagine that'll be some hardcore D20 future gaming there. I can imagine a nice fast hero character running and gunning up aliens.
With fifteen people it would be interesting to play out, but I'm not terribly interested in text only games right now, and the time is a bit off for me. It would certainly be fun though, but I must admit my grasp on Moderrn/Future is a bit shaky (years since I've played), so I'm sure I'd have to remake the character a few (dozen) times as I got killed over and over by the alien menace.
The round robin concept might be fun too with the right set up (especially again, with 15 people). I'm certainly interested in how he'd handle the research and engineering, though that might be in a book somewhere I'm sure.

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