Saturday, August 29, 2015

August Updates

Haven't had much to post on here lately as I've been working on a lot of projects.

A new blog (more later) is in the works. Hopefully I'll be getting a website up that will host my new blog and have some cross posting from this one.
I've been announced as the Community Manager for Dark Horizons Mechanized Company. As part of that I have been doing a few giveaways of Steam Keys for the game. Maybe I'll do one here. I've also been working on writting up guides and making videos for the game. Finally, I stream my game play when I can. Unfortunately I'm limited by my computer on that one right now, but that's also in the works of being upgraded.
I've been learning Hearthstone and Starcraft 2 with the help of LookNoHands. Lots of fun there. Hope to get to play more games with him soon. Especially some Archon Mode in Legacy of the Void.
I'm working on two card game design ideas (one is almost ready to prototype) as well as an RPG book for Savage Worlds. The Savage Worlds game will likely be a fan product, but I'm keeping avenues open and working on trying to make it a licensed product. The first card game is an original work I'm currently looking at some artists for. The second is something I'm going to pitch to a company to base off their IP.
I've of course got my normal RPG online group and I've been asked to be a part of another online RPG group. Then of course I have my real life table top gaming. Which has been going great. Mostly playing all those board games I have lately. Some video games. I really should write up reports on these board games soon.
And finally, I've been asked with helping run a tournament for a large national arcade and bar chain in their local store. Nothing official yet, but if this happens it will open the door for me to host and stream local tournaments as well as other events (Barcraft anyone?).

The bad news is that if I get the new blog going and a website, this blog will likely become defunct as it will be rolled into the new site. Fear not however, I will keep this one going as long as I can and hopefully even continue to do it as part of the new site (if/when that happens). I have some great friends supporting me in this.
UPDATE: Since writing this, I have decided to stick with using a blogger platform for the new blog for now. Eventually I might migrate it over.

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