Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Game-A-Week: Pandemic

We picked this up thanks to our sponsors. This game was tough but fun.

Pandemic is a co-op game for 2 to 4 players (Up to 5 with the expansion) where you try and cure four strains of disease. We've played this game quite a few times over the last few weeks. It's hard. Even with four people playing and trying to learn how to win, the game is hard.
So far we've never finished the game, but we've been close. Biggest failure was game over on the 3rd turn. Not round, just turn. Black Iniquity never even got to play.
Winning involves curing (not eliminating) the four diseases. In order to do this you have to collect matching colors of cards. Cards are also used to travel and build research stations. Everyone using their skills in required to do well. Losing is easy, running out of draw cards, too many outbreaks, running out of game pieces, etc.
The game only takes about 45 minutes or less to play, especially if you get really unlucky.
Getting decked (that is, running out of cards in the players pile) is a real danger. Other than that the fastest way to lose is massive outbreaks in Asia (as seen in this picture). For reference, Black Iniquity is on the right, me on the left. I took this picture from Teach's perspective. His brother is opposite him at the top of the image.

The game is rough but really fun. Worth the money. One day we'll actually win. One day...

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