Friday, June 22, 2012


Sorry about the lack of regular updates lately. We're getting back on track soon hopefully. I've got a large number of board games to post about and more RPGs for our game list. Since our Star Wars game is on hiatus the NPC Spotlight is out for a while, at least until we get a long term game going again.

Some of the board games we have to talk about more are Gears of War, RuneWars, and more. We also have lots of RPGs to add to the list including Gamma World. We're also possibly going to start talking more about video games here too. I have an impressive 277 games on Steam as of this writing and I'd love to give some more games away and talk about the games I have. I know BI is interested in talking about EVE online too.
More on the to-do list. I want to get a group going to play Necromunda pretty badly. I just need to get people together. I also want to get back into Savage Worlds and posting more about that (Tour of Darkness baby!). I have more games to play than time to play them right now (especially when most of the session is not spent playing).
I also need to get the people that this blog is aimed at helping (my players) reading more of the posts.
Remember too, our sponsors help us run giveaways as well as help us stay stocked with the latest games. Depending on how things go I might try a contest for an actual board game to get shipped out to the winner. We'll see though. Steam games are a lot easier.

And their website is TERRIBLE (sorry guys, it is) but check out Lange's Sports in Muskegon or on eBay. They're my go to stop for games and comics.

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