Friday, June 29, 2012

Need For Speed The Run

So I rented this game and thought I would share the experience with everyone. I hope you're not a fan.

First off, I'm not really into racing games. I like them every now and then. This one sounded awesome when they were talking about it before it's release. Let me just say, it's not awesome. Imagine you're racing down a twisting road and need to make up seconds to beat an imaginary clock, you see a nice patch of dirt you can cut across to shave seconds off your time. You go for it and your car disappears only to be magically moved back onto the road prior to the turn, seconds of time lost. Moral of the story, don't leave the road unless they have a clearly defined path that you are allowed to leave the road onto.
To play multiplayer you have to have a key which is only usable once per game, so punish people for renting or buying it used. Try and force players to play multiplayer by only letting them unlock certain cars by playing multiplayer. Moral of the story? Don't bother.
All the control issues I have I just assume are because I suck at racing games, not because of the game itself. I could be wrong though. I put in a good 2 hours of this game and have been doing nothing but complaining about it to my friend that does play racing games. He laughed and pointed out there's a reason he plays Forza.

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