Friday, November 2, 2012

Deeper into the Depths of The Daring Defence

The intruders burst into the meal room. Suddenly all the tables are flipped over and we're ready to fight. Moments pass by, feeling like an eternity.

We heard the sounds of our friends being slain in the next room. A foot bursts through the door and we react instantly. Another intruder sneaks in from behind the first. We rush in to attack! We nearly stop her when more of the attackers begin their assault. Soon four of our number are on the ground. We keep on pressing the assault. Trying to take them down. We must stop them from unleashing the horrors we are here to keep in.
Using the tables as cover afforded us a large advantage, but for naught. Eventually the intruders take out all the others. As my vision faded, I only heard one name. The name of our enemy. The one I must kill. "Faceplant"

Later I found they not only killed all of my friends. They killed the elemental mud we had summoned to protect the cube from being touched. Then they killed our second dragon. We had two dragons to protect this gem from any evil that might assault it. These adventurers managed to kill both of them. And to top it off, they stole my toilet and wore it as a hat. What manner of beasts are these?
Perhaps the gods will deal with them now that they have touched the gem. The room is destroyed. Burned and broken. Pieces of rubble and debris lay about. Fire scorched the floor. Clearly these demons of men knew what they were here for.

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