Saturday, November 3, 2012

Online Gaming

So I'm thinking about starting a sister campaign for our weekly God of Heroes 4e game online. Need at least four people, but I think I like the group dynamics of a party of six. Still technically learning 4e as in our first campaign we're only just at level 3.
I have some ideas but they're still a little weak yet to go into details.
I'm also working on possibly a WoD game and some other stuff. I have so much I want to run and I just don't have the time.
Obviously Tour of Darkness is something I really want to get back to as well. Probably one of my favorite Savage World settings I've read into. And I need to do that XCom conversion. Seriously, I need to play Payday less and plan more. But planning doesn't help when I have no game to play. Maybe I need to run an XCom game online. Maybe multiple XCom games online and have everyone effect the alien menace and the first team to [redacted] wins. That would actually be pretty awesome. XCom officially gets it's own notebook now.

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