Friday, May 3, 2013

Tax Refund

So, I was going over some things with one of our players the discussion went to why they don't get huge lumps of cash.

Last time I gave them a huge pile of cash was in Star Wars. The party got enough money for a god ship or make their decent ship a good ship with modifications. Here's the list:
They started with 100,000 credits. They wanted to keep 10,000 credits in cash.
Docking Clamp
Laser Cannon (medium)
3x Heavy Blasters
Security Kit
Jet Pack
Helmet Package
Combat Gloves
2x Concealed Holster
Corellian Powersuit
Surgery Kit
5x Field Kits
5x Pocket Scramblers
Portable Computer
Low Light Scope
10x Medpac
Medical Kit
20x Mesh Tape
Sensor Pack
Armored Flight Suit
2-1B Medical Droid
This left them with 23,100 credits (before the 10,000 in the bank).They then had to spend 12,200 on a jury rigged explosive excape pod, for a mission that they got paid more money for.

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