Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Welcome to the Breakdown

I was hoping to have some level 6 characters to show off this week, so instead I'm going to throw out some stats for the current level five characters.

Damage Breakdown:
So the cleric, obviously isn't built for damage. He clocks in with a 9.5 average damage on a hit, but a mere 5 average damage per round.
The Eldarin Warlock's damage while using Hellish Rebuke is 11.98. (Note: The Hellish Rebuke is assuming he takes damage during the turn).
The Paladin is a nice care for play style. Using his long sword 2 handed with power attack, he's dealing 10.35 ADPR (17.5 on hit). Without power attack it drops slightly to 10.15. Using the sword one handed without PA it's again down to 9.5 DPR. If we switch from Holy Strike to Valiant Strike (again, 1h no PA) it goes all the way down to 8.78 DPR. Add in the 2 handed sword and it's back up to 9.48, with PA it's 10.03 DPR.
With no shocking discovery, the Ranger is packing a 15.55 DPR.
And the wizard has something like a 10 DPR thanks to Magic Missile. Fortunately for everyone, the Wizard can use much better powers to inflict conditions on the enemies.

So that's the breakdown of DPR on the characters, no big shockers there. These numbers are really low considering our Striker target number is 16. Off to fix another problem.

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