Friday, August 30, 2013

BattleTech- Day 3

Sgt. Wilhelm "Barth" Eich reporting.

After finding some clues to the nearest enemy outpost, we had the misfortune of running into an Clan mech. I ran my Bushwacker into the field and stopped power to await in ambush.

I powered up my mech and fired away. Battle ensued. We dropped our battle suits behind it and began pummeling the clanner when all of the sudden another suit began barreling out of the woods. Joining our troops, the new recruit helped tear the Shadowcat a new one.
A bit surprised by this, I quickly pulled out my rattle can and hashed a kill mark on the arm of my BSW-X1. I then went to introduce myself to the new soldier. A corporal in a battle suit. Another body to help me control the troops.
Shortly after recovering from the fight and heading to sleep, enemy infiltrators were spotted. A quick battle ensues with us quickly killing the infiltrators. A tough evening, but everyone made it out alive.

In the morning, things weren't going quite as nicely. As we traveled we came under fire. Our scout took out one soldier, as the rest of us noticed the wonderful blue of their uniforms. Unfortunately this meant we were firing at our own troops. We called out to them and gained their confidence and traded stories. The damage was done, and a troop was lost. The up side was our numbers were increased to about three platoons.
From there we began plotting an assault on an enemy outpost.

Over the next few days we moved in and prepped for an assault. In the night, our scout moved in to sabotage what he can. He came back and we moved in. However he believed his sabotage failed, so he moved in ahead of the main force.  Turns out he was wrong, He gets into position as we roll up. The enemy Shadowcat is disabled and their army is already in disarray. Our troops rolled in and captured the enemy communication array.

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