Monday, August 26, 2013

Battletech Field Report Day 1

Day 1- Wilhelm "Barth" Eich reporting.
After coming out of FTL the ship fell under assault while we were in briefing with the command staff. With no time to think I ordered my crew to tend to the officers. Fortunately they were only stunned. We rushed to our drop ship only to find the ship under heavy attack and suffering major damage. Thinking quickly we rescued a pilot and work our way into the ship.

Our doctor gave a speech to steady the troops before we jumped into position to drop. I grabbed the gunner chair to help clear the way. My mech technician went to help the pilot. Doing as much field work as he could from the cockpit. The doctor helmed the sensors. This allowed us to hold the ship together as we navigated a path to the ground.
Once there we went dark. The only officer that made it to the ground was the doctor. I found myself the highest ranking enlisted man. The test of my mech squad didn't make it. I placed the doctor in charge of checking on the wounded while our scout checked our inventory. The engineer saw to getting our vehicles in order.

With all our gear remaining in working order, we set about finding the target. Using our scanners we set about looking for signals to find our target. No luck. We did at least get a direction however. I had the technician rig a probe to keep pinging a search signal to confuse anyone finding our drop pod. After that, we set the reactor to burn out the hull and we left. There was no way to use the ship any more, hopefully it would keep search crews busy and at best make them think we died.
We set out south.

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