Friday, November 7, 2014

Tetro: Season 2.5

I recently started a new version of Tetro (an old game setting I ran for a long time). It's basically my home setting that incorporates the history of dozens of games to build the setting. Now we're playing various games in the setting to get a better base rule set.

Originally I ran the game in a (poorly) modified 3.5 D20 system. Over the years it refined and most system changes were merely setting variations. Unfortunately stock D20 is pretty boring to me. There's too much meta and too much splat, the requirement of system mastery is high.
So if that's the issue, I want something interesting and fun. So I went with Arcana Evolved to start. Fifth edition is out now, so we're going to try that system and see how it works. Randomly, I'm throwing in a few short interlude games using other systems.

In other news I'm streaming on Twitch, more accurately, my daughter is streaming on Twitch. If you're interested, we usually do Disney Infinity, though I'll be streaming various other games, you can find us on

I'll try and get a post up showcasing my High Elf army for Warhammer Fantasy soon. Now with End Times changes, that will be a rather interesting army soon.

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