Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Ok, Team B-Roll. The online next game will start soon, so remember to turn in your character sheets by e-mailing them to me. I'll send out reminders later this week to anyone that hasn't gotten them in.

I know some of you requested to get posts on here for announcements because of the RSS feed thing or whatever. So my new years resolution is to post here more. If any of you want to talk about characters or whatever just drop me a line on Skype or G+. I have to cut out sections of spoilers though for any posts here. If I forget to post here, it's because I don't love you enough. I might make a new blog using my other account to keep things simple. Easier to follow everything on one account instead of two. Let me know. I'd also be able to post more spoilers stuff. We can probably have a straw poll next time we talk.

The text files should be enough to get you set up for new characters. The town name is Ravenholm and we need a new race name because I don't like that as a name.

After this game, I'd like to run a new Sci-Fi/Fantasy kind of game I just bought. Really cool, but I'm still learning the game and it's hard to run online at that point. Unless C-Roll finally gets together for once to play a game (that's not their official team name, the first person just starts with a C so don't be surprised when I use a different team name if they get started), though I think I stalled out at like 3 people for that group. Might still be worth it to learn to play (again, if I can get them all together).

So let's play catch up to the new game. I have my notes here, so don't expect me to remember names later. Kathrok is fighting to the south. From your first intro, Orhaven has sent troops to the South along the East coast. They've been fighting on and off with both the Draskin and the Kathrok military, but no serious engagements. In that game Beark led you through the wilderness to slay Oathbreaker. I think Mally was the one that determined he could shape shift into a bird. From there the group had the option to join the war party or to do their own thing. No spoilers here for what was set up since nothing has been played out yet. The first undead game (where the Raven were created) went so-so. It was a pretty short one. The group started with breaking free from the Lich King's rule (because that's totally not familiar- related: he needs a new title, +1 weapon to whomever comes up with something, he's not even really a Lich). From there they scouted the humans and the Orneyjar. The [Redacted] helped set up an experiment in which the Raven (awesome job there) were created. The rest was mostly just killing some random things, running around to gather reagents and stuff like that. Never expect it to go easy like that again.
So we have the city of Ravenholm as the setting. It was abandoned between the invasion and the occupation. It's seen better days but it has some wild grapes and a few buildings. Totally repairable. There is an intact statue of a man in town though. Undamaged, looks brand new. I hope one of you is playing a [redacted] and we aren't just 100% Raven. I just think the complexity of that relationship will play out interestingly.
I was going to run some Kath/Draskin stuff but had to change that up a bit. So there is the possibility of other world changing events as we play.

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