Friday, February 6, 2015

Tetro Revised

I've been working on the new revision for Tetro for a while now and I have some updates about it for the people that are in that game setting.

First, this project revision started off on making a weapon for a person no longer playing in the Tetro setting, but after reading up on Numenera, the scope of the project increased.
The original project was modifying the wand rules in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition into something more gun like. Basically less shots, more power and easier to recharge. It was to be a unique item for one of my players because I thought he'd really enjoy it. However I like the idea and as we all know there's no difference really between magic and sufficiently advanced technology, so why not?
This does bring Tetro from a high fantasy setting to a more science fantasy setting, and with it the old Gods must die to make room for the new. Part of this event was a series of missions in the Downfall of Seyonne adventures. The Lich King is no longer in power after he was defeated by the characters from the Ravenholm/Bastion alliance. With the Lich King out of the picture, the Dragonship was able to breach the portal and crashed into the Forest. The fate of Father Tetro is unknown. This leaves Valor, Purax and Gozran the only ones still active of the deities.
The North regions have been majorly effected by the Dragonship. Anyone with a family based in that region will be getting a message from me to work out the results later. 
The Invasion that took place against Purit was not successful, forcing all Orcadian forces back to the North beyond the forest, back to their homeland (though I suppose this was the plan all along). 
The Dragonship brings with it it's own type of magic, and we'll see that in the next adventure we play.

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