Friday, February 20, 2015

Welcome to the Jungle

So for the second week of our online adventures in 4e Dungeons and Dragons, the party explored the jungle on their way to their goal.

A bit of exploration led to some encounters with goblins. Nothing the party couldn't handle. They seemed to all be coming from the direction the party was heading.
We took an opportunity to cover a few thing that to new players aren't particularly apparent. Things like the controller not trying to do damage, certain abilities being the best option, etc. All those little system mastery goal posts the designers either put in the way of playing or didn't balance well. A good reason why I decided to give up on system mastery games back in November (though have been talked into giving a few a try).
After that the party wanted to go over what has happened so far with each other and talk in game a bit. They're strangers after all.
The major issues the characters have are the confusion over the man in the room that sent them on this journey. They believe him to be something far beyond a mortal. His powers of meddling are far greater than anything they've seen. At this point they group resolves to make sure they jump on the next chance they see this man, as they're sure he'll show up again.

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