Friday, July 3, 2015

Current State

There have been some great updates had over here. It's about time I shared some of them. At least as much information as I can share.

First off I'm involved in a video game project now. It's currently in Early Access on Steam and making some great progress. There are some great things on the horizon for this game and I can't wait to be able to share them with everyone.
Next my Twitch channel while small and still getting a foothold (and schedule) has been getting some great indie games and support from developers. I've been able to share some copies of games with my closest friends thanks to this opportunity and in the future I'll be able to share some more copies of games with my viewers.
Finally, I'm involved in at least two table top games right now on the developing side. Neither are projects I can really talk about right now however. One is an original system, the other is probably going to be a Savage Worlds thing. This is in addition to my own projects.

As well as that I've been having a great time getting to run games online. My 4th edition game has been pretty successful (though I can't keep up with regular blogging about it). Never managed to get into or start a RAW 3.5 game because, as I said previously, unmodified 3.5 is bad and boring not my thing (or anyone else I've managed to find). I did run some short story-based games and [redacted]. So everything went smoothly.

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