Monday, October 29, 2012

So Far

So far this level is going well.

I know, ominous that is. The level will be pretty quick thanks to the addition of the two player quests, as well as a puzzle, three traps and more. So the fights are a little less numerous, making it a short level. The players will hit level three in no time. Perhaps even next week we'll be done with all I have planned for this level.
That's a big milestone, since the players and characters have very little idea about the plot so far. Obviously they're going into a temple and a Diety or such sent them on this quest. However once they finish level two a lot more will start showing up.
Not totally true. They already have one hint from the prologue, one hint so far in level two and two more hints yet to come. These are of course all really subtle hints so far, but they get a lot more noticable as time goes on.
Talked to one player already about the Player Quests and he seemed really happy about them. Having him pick out the items for his character helped him understand more about the game and how to do his role better.
I'm writing this ahead of time, so by the time you read it I should have talked to the rest of my group about them.
So back to planning out level 3 encounters and perhaps a boss fight.

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