Friday, October 26, 2012

The Continuing Story of Faceplant the Bold

After gaining access to the temple they were after, the mighty heroes missed no beat by wondering WHY they were after the temple they were now in. And yet they entered.

At first the mighty warriors were baffled by a puzzle.
"The key is simple. One must know how many letters are in the Common language."
The mighty paladin of good, Faceplant the mighty, Dragonborn of great stature said "32!" Yet this was incorrect and the party all told him how wrong he was, while clearly they knew the correct answers but never bothered telling anyone, being a bother to all.
Then suddenly an idea came to the one true YaRG! This perplexed the group as up until this point they assumed he was a fountain of health and not an adventurer. The wise Yarg said "17 my friends" and thusly he was correct, and the door did open.
Upon venturing into the open door of the temple that they were after but did not know why they were after said temple, they found a hallway, with a statue. A beautiful woman holding aloft a jewel.
"Do not touch it, it must be trapped!"
The all checked the statue for traps. When discovering there were none they could find, they all agrees this must mean they are deadly super traps that they cannot find. Or magic! The wizard summoned forth his devil magic to find that there was indeed magic at play here. The group clearly agreed that this lava must be drained. After all, who would place a magic item aloft in a statue at the entryway of an evil temple without demons and zombies and dragons to guard it (neverminding the demons and dragons and zombies they fought to get there).
But Faceplant would not be the Bold were he not so bold. He wanted to take it. The other party members searched it for traps! But alas found none. They reached into the depths of their knowledge to determine who the statue was depicting. "Some hot chick apparently" Wizard Whitebeard (whose name is not such but shall be called such in this remembering) mumbled. Faceplant then earned his title of the Bold and snatched the jewel and hugged it, for the magic in it was great. He then gave it to the lowly healer as a token of his pity, for the cleric, Yarg is not great like Faceplant the Great and Mighty.
Onward to the door with this new found treasure. An ancient script! Faceplant the Bold and Handsome declared "I know Draconic, I shall read this" Realizing it's not Draconic and he can't read it, the magical text triggers a trap and explodes in his face. They call him The Bold for a reason mind you.
The entire wall sheds a magical white, burning all the companions of Faceplant the bold. Next thing they know, they stand before a herd of giant insect like creatures. A battle ensues!
Faceplant and his fellow mighty warrior. Boog the Manly (and also a girl, but a dwarf so still quite manly) step forth and battle. The ranger launches her arrows at nothing in particular while Yarg lends healing aid to Faceplant. The mighty warlock sends arcane energy flying through the air, smashing it (the air that is). The wizard casts magic missile at the darkness!
Boog and Faceplant slay all the monsters! With help from the wizard who finished on off and perhaps someone else killed something too but mostly Faceplant and Boog take the credit.

That's all for this time, join us next time for Adventures in Time and Space or Just "The Doctor"

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