Saturday, October 20, 2012


So, being a huge X Com fan for since it first came out, I picked up the new game. This game is at the top of the sales charts on Steam for a good reason.

I beat the game on Normal difficulty, it was a bit too easy. Up until the final battle I hadn't really lost any troops, but the last battle was a killer, that I was unprepared for. Beat it, naturally.

Of course this game has gotten the attention of another one of my players who wants to play a RPG based off XCom. Of course that's a great idea. We're kicking around using Tour of Darkness as a basis for the game (what with the military setting and all). However I'm almost temped to scratch build a system for it based loosely on the leveling system of Pendragon, as this would be more true to the original game.
Either way, if it happens I'm sure I'll post more on it here. Until then, we're playing Dungeons and Dragons 4e again. More on that later.

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