Saturday, February 11, 2012

Game List

So the holidays are over, we had taken a week off of gaming for a friends wedding. And I'm getting over some nasty injuries from work. Of course that hasn't stopped me from thinking about gaming.
Right now I'm in talks with another group that wants me to come in and DM some 3.5 games for them. I'm looking at Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil or World's Largest Dungeon. Maybe, just maybe we'll look a Ptolus though. I've always been interested in that. I am however going to give them the full list and let them pick out what they're interested in.

If you like to run a lot of games like I do, and continue with the same group from game to game I find the list as a very helpful tool. Basically I started by listing all of the systems (D20, WoD, Unisystem, Savage Worlds, etc.) and then started filling in the different games under those systems (Dungeons and Dragons, Iron Heroes, Vampire, Mage, Street Fighter, etc). I noted next to each title what the genre of game it was (high fantasy, S.F., Hard S.F., etc.). Then I give a brief description of the game, setting or whatever followed by a campaign idea or three. So the final product looks like this:
Dungeons and Dragons (High Fantasy)- Simple rules on the surface with more complex rules. Most popular RPG, but usually not considered the best. Combat oriented. Heavy reliance on miniatures during combat. Could be run as 3.5 or 4th.
Campaign: This game would focus on exploration or multiple realms. The format would be similar to a “Dungeon a week” formula as players hop from plane to plane.
Campaign: The Worlds Largest Dungeon takes the players from level 1-20 in a single grand adventure set in a single dungeon. 3.5 Only.
Campaign: Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil. A sequel to one of the greatest dungeon crawls of all time, this game involves a manner of investigation and lots of combat to take the players from levels 4-14. Written by Monte Cook. 3.5 Only.
When we finish a game, I edit the document to the title is in red (or for multiple campaigns I might red out the campaign). I currently have about 40 game entries. About 10 of these are lacking description text. Most of the ones with description text include campaign ideas, but not all of them. Usually the ones without description text lack it because I haven't read the rules enough yet (or recently enough) to fill it in decently (or sometimes I just ran out of time).
With my new group, we haven't figured much of anything out, but they currently have three players, but I really want at least 4 or 5 before we get going on anything.
So I hope someone out there can use this bit of planning advice from me to help get their games rolling more smoothly.
Starting a few weeks about I started posting the collection of games on my list. I'm including not only the game list text block but additional comments. This is so each game gets a good post to itself and there is plenty of room to comment. It also makes things easier to find.
 We're always looking for new games to play and are willing to hear suggestions.
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  1. "Following this article I'll start posting my entire collection of games and tagging them so my players can comment (as well as getting comments on games from outside sources to help influence what to play)."

    1. First off, thanks for reading.
      I know it's a bit confusing because this article actually got delayed, but I've already started posting my entire game list collection. I was going to do it by section but ended up going with a single game post a week.