Saturday, March 23, 2013


I'm going to throw a few together here since it's just a few random quick encounters. Remember, these are still "learning the game" style adventures. These are "Survival," "Surprise Them," "Bad News" and "Goblin Leadership."

The party continues back closer to the river, so they can follow it to towards the temple. However they encounter another group of goblins. 

This time I throw another three dire rats with two goblin warriors. As the fight progresses, they manage to let one escape. Hopefully not to warn anyone else though. That would never happen.

Unfortunately the heroes are jumped not long after, by you guessed it, more goblins. It's almost like they knew a pack of heroes was rampaging through the forest killing off all the goblin townfolk.

This time 2 Goblin Skull Cleavers and it says here, twelve Goblin Cutters.
After the fight, the party recovers another magic item. 

The party struggles on, finding a clearing. In the clearing are two goblins and a giant crate. Easy pickings for our homicidal heroes. The two die swiftly (Goblin Cutters) unleashing the wrath of the crate. Oh yes, there is a young white dragon in that crate. 
Another pack of treasure here.

Resting after that fight and heading out for more adventure, the group finds another pack of goblins. This is getting repetitive. Almost like that temple and this area are inhabited by goblins.

The final fight of this pack includes a Goblin Underboss, 4 Goblin Cutters and 3 Dire Rats.

This is it for the first couple of sessions for us in Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons.

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