Monday, March 25, 2013

Things to Come

This one came as a two part fight. One battle right after another. I like this idea and have used it again later. I did the idea differently later on, but big fights split into multiple little fights seems to work in this system if you fudge it a bit.

This entry adds "Things to Come" as well as "Gates of Hell" followed by a few non-combat entries taking place in "Open The Gates."
Still wondering where they are going, why they're killing all these goblins, and who these other people are, they set forth.
Unfortunately this time they run into not only goblins (2 Goblin Black Blades) but they have strange reptilian creatures with them (Kruthik- 1 Adult, 2 Young and 4 Hatchlings). As soon as the heroes slay these things, more show up. This time 2 Goblin Sharpshooters and 4 Kruthik Young.
After all of that, the heroes finally stumble to the temple gates. They don't know what to expect in there, what they'll find or even what they're looking for. However, they know they have to go in there. As they get ready to enter, suddenly 3 zombies, a Gravehound and a Goblin Cutter come at them.
Fighting off this surprise attack, the party wanders into the jungle to take an extended rest.
At this point the party had leveled up.
They got to the temple door, finally. Finally, into the temple. The other side of the doorway was a hallway. In that hallway was a statue. That statue was a woman holding a jewel. The players pondered over this. This adventure is contained in the post "The Continuing Story of Faceplant The Bold"

That's it for this installment, moving more to a regular schedule with this posting while we catch up. We're part way into level two.

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