Friday, March 22, 2013

Scout Party

Catching up to where we are in the story right now. Roughly 40ish entries. Be gentle, these are my first experiences with 4e and was easing into the way the system works.

After making it down the waterfall in the quickest way imaginable (head first), the party takes note of their surroundings. The first thing that seems to be of importance is that they're in 20 feet of water. They quickly swim ashore while the dwarf walks out as if nothing happened.
Trudging threw the forest, they quickly meet up with a pack of goblins.

Here we ran combat with 3 dire rats, a goblin black blade and 4 goblin cutters.

After saving the day from those peace loving creatures, enjoying a stroll through the forest on a beautiful day, the monsterous party searches around, finding the camp site. They rummage through everything and find their first parcels of treasure.
The group acquires 40gp and an Iron Skin Belt.

Read the Player's side here.

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