Friday, March 29, 2013

The Defense

Things are starting to pick up here. We're at level two here, and everyone should have some idea of their character.

This entry includes several adventures, starting with "The Defense" and "Mealtime" then an oddball encounter with "Entry" and finally the plot thickens in "Doorway."
After looking the statue, and then botching a trapped door glyph, the wall explodes and leaves the team face to face with 4 Kruthik Young and 2 Hobgoblin Archers. After taking out these guards, the group finds a Stoneskin Robe.
The team of daring villains now bursts into the lunch room, meeting 2 Goblin Sharpshooters, 4 Goblin Warriors and 4 Goblin Cutters. The goblins put up a good defense, using tables for cover. Their meals spilled on the floor. Clearly these hungry creatures are a dangerous threat to all humankind.
The group checks a side door, the kitchen. If you can call such a festering pit that. Fortunately the group acquires a casque from the room, those stupid goblins had been using it as a toilet. The dwarf dons it and prepares for battle.
The next room contains only 3 Mud Lashers and as the group charges to kill them, they also find 10 spear traps placed throughout the room.
Finally to the other side, the valiant slayers of the lunch break press into another room, only to find another dragon. In the center of the room is a pillar. On the pillar is a cube, floating in the air. Battling the dragon proves difficult, but not impossible. The party investigates the cube, and only slightly break it. Also, reality.
These adventures are also brought to life in the story "Deeper Into the Depths of the Daring Defense"
Plummeting through broken reality, the world comes back into view, the party is stuck in a cave.

That's the rest of level two, the adventure continues with a level 3 party.

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