Friday, April 5, 2013


Level 3, dark tunnel. Trying to buzz through my notes here.

The post contains the encounters "Awakened," "Escape," "Just Leaving" and "In the Clear." Yes, I try and name all the encounters interesting names that describe to me what the feel of the encounter should be. This is possibly going to change come level six because I want to try something a little different.
So after triggering the artifact, the party finds themselves cascading through reality. They awake in an old cave. It's dark and cold. They however start down the cave, unaware of where they are, or where they're going. The first thing they encounter is a pack of Draconians, 2 Baaz and a single Bozak. With them are 4 hobgoblin grunts and a hobgoblin soldier.
Continuing down the tunnel the party is again met by a group interested only in stopping their path. This time, a brown dragon wyrmling, a hell hound and 2 deathjump spiders. The party manages to bash their way through this encounter.
Next, trying to protect the party from the terribleness at the end of the tunnel is a pack of Kruthik (a Hive Lord, an Adult and 5 hatchlings) plus a gray dragon wyrmling. Slaying their protectors, then continue on to the last leg of this deadly tunnel.
This time, they're met by 2 white dragon wyrmlings, a specter and a deathlock wight. Unfortunately even these can not stop the party from their goal of not spending their lives in this cave.

Again, appoligies for the berevity, but I'm just working from notes and memory. Hopefully when we get closer to the present these will be better. Enjoy, and thanks for reading.

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