Friday, April 19, 2013


We're almost caught up here. This includes "Rats!", "Invasion," "Ritual," and the "Fire Temple."

They go talk to a man about getting some cash. They agree on payment and get sent into the sewers to take care of a rat problem. Soon enough the party finds the rats, that are actually a pair of Shadar-Kai Chainfighters, and three Kruthik Adults. The party quickly learns that Shadar-Kai are painful, but eventually overcomes the battle. Their sewer guide is noticeably disturbed as those shouldn't be here. A portal to another place sits in the corner. The party demands payment before going in, to which the guide points out there will be no city if they don't go in and figure out how to stop this portal.
Eventually the party rushes in to find themselves in a huge room. They're standing in the back of the room, and far on the other side, they can see a group of robed humanoids performing a ritual. Unfortunately at that distance, making out the ritual is too hard for them. However, between the party and the ritual are a pack of Kruthik, a Hive Lord, two Adults and four Hatchlings. The party beats their way through these, but not in time to stop whatever ritual was being performed. The casters now turn their attention to the party. Six human lackeys, two mages and five fire lord cultists come at the party. Without asking any questions, the party murders all those people. After the fight, the party investigates the scene and discovers that the ritual was to close a portal. Unrelated, the portal they came through to stop, is now closed. The party has no choice but the exit the door.
They find themselves on top of a large stepped pyramid. They move to go down the stairs but find themselves under attack by four magma claws, two magma hurlers and two rupture demons. After a few initial setbacks the party quickly turns the tide of battle and wins with little effort.

Next week should be the level 4 finale and some recap. See you then.

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