Friday, April 26, 2013


Here we got a lot more role playing stuff, and I remember it quite a bit better.

The party rushes down the temple steps after a short rest to find an entryway into the temple proper, however in the entryway are two Kruthik Adults, and a Shadar-Kai Witch and Chain fighter.
Knowing the dangers of the Shadar-Kai, the group quickly works to mitigate the advantages. The group soundly defeats the enemies and continues into the temple.
Once inside the characters are presented with another warded door. Again, they fail to overcome its challenges and are wounded by the energy released.
As soon as the door is open, the group finds itself in a familiar parlor room, seating in front of them, a door behind them. A warm inviting setting, to which the Paladin responds by turning around and opening the door. Reality crashes apart once again. A voice yells out "Heroes! Heroes!" before they find themselves standing in the streets of Garrok.
Without a clear path forward, assuming their task to be done, they set about their own ways.
After a year passes, the characters are drawn back to Garrok. They find themselves at the Boar's Head Inn. Soveliss proceeds to insult the family of the orphaned Paladin. His family and honor insulted, the mighty dragonborn lifts the table and tosses it onto the warlock. The other party members step back, seeing the warlock perhaps deserved this fate. The bartender tells them to leave and sends them on their way. Now, with no where to sit and insult each other, they proceed to find another drinking hole.
On the street they're stopped by a man dressed as a noble. A member of the group recognizes him as Mar Te'Yalos, one of the most influential people in town. He insults the fledgling heroes, to which the party seems dumbfounded. Te'Yalos eventually walks away laughing as the majority of people in the market district have watched the heroes stand there, looking clueless as to what was going on. Finding work and friends in this town just got a bit harder.
Eventually the group finds another tavern over by the docks. This part of town looks rather shady and unwelcoming of travelers. Fortunately for the party, they don't care whether they're welcome or not. They proceed to go and drink, and rent out a single bunk for the entire party. After one epic cuddle session, the group departs. On their way out, the tavern is empty and closed, the bartender cleaning up the remains of last night. Suddenly the Paladin realizes that at some point last night, his ornamental silver-plated sword was stolen.

At this point I had hoped to be running posts about the character backgrounds and a few other things we've done. However the players have thus far forgone the experience awards for these items.

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