Friday, April 12, 2013


This batch I can't give away all the encounter titles because they give away a bit too much information.

The party reached the end of the cave, only to be met by a pack of undead. Two skeletons, two skeletal archers and two sulk zombies. The party easily fights these off and finally comes to the cave door.
Literally, a warded door blocks them from escape. Unfortunately they fail to bypass the wards, but fortunately it still opens. Blasted by a wave of necrotic energy they're forced to press on as the nature of this cave begins to show itself. Reality is still unstable behind them and they find themselves running from a giant dracoliche. They escape, but find themselves fighting a young black dragon. The party, exhausted from their constant battles, can't keep up and finally fall.
The masters of the dragon come forth, the Paladin recognizes their symbols. These dragonborn are followers of Tiamat.
They explain they are here to help, which might seem very doubtful. They provide a place to rest and tell the party, they are under the city of Garrok. They set the party free with the understanding they're to retire in the city.
Once in the city, the party is directed to the Guild Master's Authority. The party is required to have an Adventurer's Charter to be able to carry weapons and operate within the city wall. The Guild Master there, Dolphus Braiden, tells them price of the charter, but the party is a bit short. Fortunately he knows someone that can help with a job.
The party is now level 4, and has gotten a large number of magical items.

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