Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Pages

Not sure if I've explained what a One Page is when I use that term or not. I'll cover that a bit here before I get into what I've been doing lately for them.
So I've done my Game-A-Week in the past, where I've given a quick spotlight to the games I have or want to have or am willing to run. This has largely been for my players so they know what we have if they're interested in anything. So when we go to play a new game, we look over the list and vote on something.
I've refined this idea since I started as people tend to ignore the information on the page and merely vote on the game, not the content describing what said game will be about. Verbalizing certain aspects of the game has also not worked as by the time it becomes an issue everyone has forgotten it was ever said. 
So what I've done is cut down on the quantity of titles and picked about a dozen titles. Each of nine titles got their own page. Briefly I mention the game, campaign title, systems, and then go into the overview. The overview covers the game and setting (briefly) and then gets into the role of the PCs in the game. Then we get into the pros and cons of the game. I keep these to the basics. Is the game combat focused or social focused? Is it a new system? Deadly combats? Long prep time or short prep time? etc. Then I cover bullets for the details of the games. Things I cover here are expectations of players, options for the game, etc. Just really basic stuff mostly that clearly outline the game. Examples are: 
"Options for unique situations. Unique situations possible might be alien mind control (or controlling aliens). Playing as an alien defector. Carrying over characters from one campaign to another. Cooperation with multiple groups (pending)." or "Players will be expected to track their own contacts and other ingame relationships." 
The last thing I cover is an example of the type of things that will happen in the game. This is important when we're looking at the difference between a dungeon delve game vs a Shadowrun game, especially when players are unfamiliar with Shadowrun.
Hopefully this system will allow my group to make an informed choice about playing games so we can actually finish something for once instead of the players getting bored and hating a game because of a minor detail.

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