Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rambling Thoughts

Currently going through some thoughts to make my group better, in terms of enjoyment and good will. Also to make my life a little better.

First up is a twitter account which I've held for a while now that I'm using to help socialize the group itself as well as to promote the blog (which is important for future events mentioned later). I rarely use this (as opposed to my personal Twitter) since it's mostly for the gaming group use. The twitter account is @WMIEventyr for those interested. It will mostly be thoughts too short to post here and links to posts from here. If you post about gaming, specifically table top gaming, let me know and I'll follow you.
Second is working harder on this blog. We've cut way back on the posts due to time issues and our personal lives being busy lately. Job changes, vacations and all that have put things on hold. We're getting back on track slowly and hopefully I'm going to get a new group (or maybe even two) up and running to include here. I'm hoping to get more going obviously, and a second group would mean 3-4 posts a week again instead of just the two. When I get my next game in the planning (currently I'm just playing) there will be more from me to post as well. Currently I have 2-3 people in my waiting list for a game. When I get to five, I'll get something going.
Next, I'm trying out an online course in Storytelling. Not sure what it's going to entail or how useful it will be, but I was told there's a Storytelling in Gaming module. It's free, so I'm not risking anything other than time. Hopefully it will have at least a little use. It's over on iversity (I'm also trying a Design 101 class for random entertainment). The class starts October 25th. I'll report more on it here once it starts.
Another thing I've been looking at doing is Extra Life charity gaming. The money would go to Children's Miracle Network by way of Extra Life. The hospital I've chosen to support is our local Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. I'm thinking about this for November 1st (a normal game day) but with such short notice, we likely won't participate this year. I may be able to tie this into the next idea I've been shopping around, and it's important to build the blog to raise awareness of this project.
Finally, I'm looking at planning a gamer getaway. Renting a cabin or something and going away for a week or weekend. We'd be able to get away and play board games, video games and RPGs. In addition it would be a great vacation to relax.

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