Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Journal Entry 4 - Lyran Logs

The enemy is becoming more aggressive and bold in their pursuit of our warship.  Some more fighters have been lost, more good men we cannot afford to lose.  Engineering reports that external repairs have been finished and our point defense systems are back online, we might just stand a chance.  The other day Captain Jacobson had ordered the launch of a couple probes to passively scan for signs of survivors, results came back.

Our fears of the worst have been alleviated by a burst communication that we decoded.  I've had a chance to review some of the logs written by a Wilhelm Eich, a seemly aspiring Mechwarrior.  It troubles me to discover the breakdown in military discipline, even with their current circumstances, they're Lyran Guard.  I hope they can pull through and I hope we can launch a counterattack soon.

-Sebastian Steiner

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