Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Final Showdown

The battle continued going on for well over 12 hours. More and more waves kept coming. After a while the Smoke Jaguar 'mechs stopped coming, followed by the Lyran mercs.

Sebastian Steiner ran a few airstrikes for us, protecting us as much as he could. We called in everything we could and the ground and sky lit up. Our ship in orbit came down. An enemy ship went critical. We took cover in the cave.
While my 'mech was being repaired I took a quick nap, only to be woken up by the mechanic trying to tie me up with duct tape. After being assaulted by my crew, I have lost most trust I can have in these people. If I had a better way out of this, I would be gone. Unfortunately it would seem that everyone is out to get me. The mercenaries are led by a crazed noble out to get his revenge on me. The clanners have a force dedicated to defeating me in combat (not that I would dare even think to ask them for help) and my own people feel like they need to punish me for helping to defend them. I fear the technician has snapped under the pressure of these events and may need to be put down before much longer. For now I'll bide my time and continue the ruse of working with these people until I can return to the Lyran command and escape this planet that has ravaged the minds of my crew.
From there we set out with a new mech pilot in the scavenged Shadowcat. We continued on to our next target as soon as possible. No time for a break in this situation. We sent the scout team ahead. The rest of us continued onward toward what we believe to be the communication facility. Probes and active scanning have verified this belief.
As the rest of the group arrived at the facility, the technician took charge of the infantry and took them into the base. The power armor units also went in. The remaining three of us sat there for hours.
Rather than using the 80+ infantry men to help them or the four additional power suits, instead the technician and power suit leader instead cleared each room themselves. Taking important care, using the infantry men to ferry up a case of wine. Furthering evidence that insanity is gripping the others.
We got a signal from our orbital ships life boats. Rather than leave the facility defenceless however, we sent the Shadowcat out with the APCs to retrieve the injured men. A good thing as later I picked up a signal of incoming units headed towards us. I sent the power suit sargent out to scout. He should be fast enough to get there and back with a day to spare in case we need to retreat in a hurry.
Stories I hear from troops coming in and out reflect my worst fears. The others are growing more and more disturbed and are making dangerous choices that might end up getting us all killed. I fear for my safety and hope this mission ends soon. If not, I hope I die battling the clans rather than those I should be able to trust.

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