Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Talon Journal Entries for 10-7-11 & 10-14-11

On our ship we find a stowaway who claims to be a courier who relays a message from a possible employer. We set course for Blasa and upon landing meet the 501st… again. Negotiations take place and now we're under contract. Our first task is to transport parts, the first destination is a space station and the next is Alderaan. We meet a person of interest on Alderaan and accept another employer who grants us a bunch of immediate upgrades.

Our next mission is to destroy an Imperial installation on planet Lux. We land our ship a little ways away from the base and make way on foot. Sure enough, stealth fails and we encounter a group of Imperial scouts. We end their pitiful lives (I take four out) just in time for an AT-ST reinforcement to arrive. Kall uses his jet pack to deftly land on top of it and just as he does that I use the force to shake the massive weapon, har har. Kall loses his footing and plummets to the ground getting knocked unconscious from the impact. The sound reminds me of dropping a grocery bag containing food and metal tools, quite entertaining I might say. I use a massive amount of force power picking up the now confused and pissed off AT-ST and do some considerable damage. It's not enough and more reinforcements will be upon us so we flee the planet. This mission will have to remain pending.

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