Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Talon Journal Entries for 6-10-11 & 6-17-11

After order 66 I find myself aboard a space station, in a bar, waiting for my master. He's very late. Just when I'm ready to leave, a group of storm troopers enter. They go and question the shady looking guy in the corner, he looks like a merc or perhaps a soldier on leave. One of them questions him while the other has his blaster pointed at the stranger's head. The stranger makes a sudden movement towards his gun and gets blasted in the head, he's out cold. I jump behind the bar with the bartender as the shooting starts. Being a Jedi in the current situation I determine it would be a good to have all the allies that I can get so I jump out, grab the merc and take him back behind the bar. Trooper reinforcements arrive just as the bartender leads us down a secret escape route. The merc comes to and introduces himself as Kal Ordo. We both agree that we need to jack a ship to escape the station and after sneaking around a for a bit we come across an unguarded Citadel Class Cruiser. Taking the ship is easy but its condition is less than fair considering it was just going through normal maintenance. Not sure where to go we head to Tatooine.

Since funds are a bit tight we decide to hit up a local cantina hoping to find some work. We accept a job to 'take care' of some sand people. Kal and I decide that we need a little more help for this so we employ the help of a sad looking Zabrak who agrees to help us for a sandwich. So we head out to the site and find a group of sand people. The Zabrak wants to kill them all but this situation needs so degree of finesse so I talk with the leader. After careful negotiation I convince him to move his tribe elsewhere and the problem is handled without incident.

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