Monday, July 2, 2012

Gamma World, short post

The other week we tested out yet another interesting roleplaying game called Gamma World, a post-apocalyptic setting where the term human is loosely used.  The game system is D20 and mostly resembles 4th edition as far as mechanics go.  Character generation is very unique since you have a primary and secondary origin.  Your character's primary origin could be anything from plant based to hawkoid.  The secondary origin adds another level of flavor and diversity, I ended up with a Electrokenetic Plant as my character.

The next part of character generation was straight forward, issuing powers.  This was quite easy since it was determined by both of your origins.  Equipment was simplified as well as weapons and armor.  You're given the choice between light or heavy armor.  Weapon-wise you get one melee and one ranged.  They're broken down to light or heavy, one or two handed and for range, gun or other.

Our group didn't get very far into the initial story but the combat played out much like Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition.  Since we didn't get too far I won't make a final determination of the game except that it was fun, easy to jump into and fairly original.

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