Monday, May 14, 2012

Talon Journal Entry for 5-4-12

After some thought we decide to perform another jump to a random force signature.  A few uneventful days go by as we sail through hyperspace and upon exiting we spy a massive derelict ship.  The ship definitely looks like it has had better days.  With difficulty we find and land in a docking bay, without the aid of a tractor beam or docking lights even!

We start to explore and quickly come across an elevator shaft.  Since there is no power we have no choice but to climb.  I decide to help everyone out by using the force to lift myself up ten floors and attach a rope to the top.  Up there we enter a ventilation shaft that, once everyone is in, seals and drops!  We start rolling and tumbling at this point, I try to use my powers to slow or stop our chaotic descent with fruitless results.  There is definitely another force user at work here.

The tube stops abruptly and pops open like a pillsbury crescent roll can!  After recovering for a moment we see a rather large Rancor with a top hat totting Ewok on top!  I cross my arms as Kal immediately goes for his blaster pistol but decides not to fire.  The Ewok mumbles in its native language so we mumble in back in basic.  After a tick, red lights illuminate a path for us to follow.  With our only other alternative being a battle to the death with the Rancor we decide to follow the path.

We're led to a room containing a console with four buttons inscribed in Ewokian.  The group starts to argue about which button to push so I instinctively push the one on the far right.  We're met with virtual confetti and balloons as a video of an Ewok pushing a massive amount of beef jerky onto our ship.  The door opens and we continue to the next room.

We're met with a room containing a mountain of pies.  A video pops up showing an Ewok putting a key in a pie.  Facing insurmountable indigestion I enter into a momentary meditative trance and use the force to find the key.  In this challenge the force works very well since I locate ten pies containing ten keys.  We immediately notice that each pie tin has the same symbol so we push that symbol on the door and it opens as we're once again bathed in virtual confetti.

The next room has the same four button configuration and this time Thane immediately pushes a button.  A video of a dead bantha being pushed onto our ship is displayed…  We continue to the next room which has refreshments, cookies and couches!  Time for a break!

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