Friday, July 20, 2012

Gears of War AABR

Last week we took another shot at Gears of War. This time, trying some more missions. Here's our After Action Battle Report.

Well, we managed to beat the mission this time. Barely.

The goal was simple, get everyone to the end of the corridor alive. Everyone made it, but one. He decided getting a little extra ammo was more important than winning the game (there were ZERO enemies on the board at this point). This means we had to go around the table again and risk spawning more and more enemies making it harder and harder to get to the end door. Also, when enemies spawn, they can spawn at the door where there is no cover, thus risking the lives of the people that made it to the door.
Fortunately we barely survived.
An early grab of the boomshield made things a little easier for me as I tanked the first half of the map (that's why I have so many ammo tokens on my Lancer). Later I managed to grab a mulcher and left my boomshield in the dust.
Lots of close calls, a few of us went down for a bit but we for the most part stuck together and supported each other (with several horrible exceptions involving tickers downing 2-3 players).
What should have lasted for a few hours of fun dragged on as half the players took 15-20 minutes to play a card and work out the enemy AI for the turn (for what normally amounts to a mere minute or two).
Still fun, we'll play it again.

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