Monday, July 23, 2012

(D&D 4th Edition) Seyonne Journal Entry 7-20-12

So we finally convinced the only member of our group who didn’t want to play 4th edition to actually give it a try (despite him never actually trying the game or even reading anything about it).  Read on if you dare...

Here is the list of party members:

James, a Dragonborn Paladin who goes by the name Ordo Vod
Jason, a Eldrin Warlock who goes by the name Soveliss
Tom, a Tiefling Warlord who goes by the name Yarg
Manda, a Dwarven Fighter who goes by the name Boog
Kim, a Human Ranger who goes by the name of Elena
Myself, a Eldrin Wizard who goes by the name Seyonne

Seyonne's Journal:

We all find ourselves on this floating wooden platform, strangers to one another in a strange land.  We see a vast forest and a waterfall that feeds into the river below, there’s also an evil looking temple off in the distance.  Instead of introductions the Dragonborn requests rope of everyone and begins tying them together.  Since the platform is quite high and we’re not close to any solid ground it sounded like a solid plan until Ordo realizes that there is no way to fasten the rope to the platform.  So he decides to hit it… and nothing happens.  Soveliss snickers and mocks the failed attempt to attack the platform so Ordo walks over and tries to grab the Eladrin but fails.

Once again the Dragonborn swings his weapon at the platform, this time he breaks through and all of the magical energies holding it together fade, which sends us plummeting!  We all manage the fall pretty well except poor Ordo who leaves a few face prints in the side of the rock face.  After swimming to shore we watch Ordo and Boog (who’re wearing full plate) walk up from the river depths.  Soveliss presents Ordo with the nickname ‘Face plant’.

Our party ventures onward and is almost ambushed by  group of goblins and dire rats!  Our first combat doesn’t go well as we’re all getting use to fighting alongside each other.  We continue onward after looting and come across their camp.  There’s a nice pouch of gold and a magic belt which the dwarf dons.  Our next battle includes the same spread of enemies but with less of them.  This time we quickly dispatch the wretches.


  1. may i say as that member who did not want to play 4th. yes i had read about it thats why i did not like it i dont like the system as opposed to 3.5