Monday, July 16, 2012

EVE Online

Aside from our normal paper and pencil role playing games I have been immersed in the universe of EVE Online.  A long time ago I swore I would never get involved in the pay-to-play genre and still don’t fancy the idea of a paying to play a game I have already purchased.  But I love 4X and Space Simulators, especially games such as Homeworld and Freelancer (which both have a special place in my heart to this day).  

Right away EVE offers everything a spacefaring nerd could ever dream of.  If you have a taste for combat you will find no shortage of conquest and the dangers associated with it (both PC and NPC alike!).  If exchanging fire with other ships doesn’t suit your taste there are plenty of other career paths that will keep you busy.  There is everything from Mining and Manufacturing to Exploration and Planetary Colony Management.

One feature that really drew my interest in this MMO is the fact that they’re working on integrating cross platform gameplay with Playstation 3 players by means of Dust 514.  Dust 514 is supposed to be free for PS3 players and is a futuristic first person shooter.  Dust players will have the ability to call in Orbital Strikes to assist in ground operations from EVE players, for profit of course.  I get giddy thinking about raining death to unsuspecting PS3 players!

Currently I am enjoying an industrialist career as a Miner, Refiner and Colony Manager with four worlds that have slav- colonists working diligently in the interest of better mechanical amusements and profit.  Mining would be very boring but since there’s a huge potential for profit I have to constantly be on the watch for pirates who wouldn’t give a second thought to grinding my exhumer into a salvageable scrap heap.  For anyone interested in a FREE 21 day trial I would be more than willing to send you an invite, just let me know.

PS EVE primarily uses a right-click system to do things so you might want to stay away if a mouse with two buttons troubles you, so sorry for all of the rotten fruit users that don’t run a real PC >:)

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